(   c u r t   b a l d w i n  )
good morning 2015-2017
It was the only one that could hold us all. She weighed a ton and would get heavier the more water she took on.
The Mitchell , 2017
oil on canvas | 30" x 30"
When she had finally woken up from her long slumber, she took a deep breath, stretched her arms and smiled. She got to go and explore the lake again today.
The Brass Lass, 2017
oil on canvas | 42" x 42"
I had never met him,.. i wanted to. I didnt know where he was going... i wanted to follow. His story was good and it took place in another age.
The Rower, 2017
oil on canvas | 72" x 36"
She was old and hardly moved. She was also the best big fish hideout on the shore.
The Tank, 2017
oil | 24" x 60"
She was light, fast and for one season, used often. The next summer, they got a new speed boat and after that she just kind of waited around.
The Mailey, 2017
oil on canvas | 40" x 30"
The visibility was looked perfect. If we were to find any treasure on the sunken island, today would be our best shot.
The Mooner, 2017
oil on canvas | 68" x 30"
It was always calm before you got the end. The distant noises of the lake would soon be replaced by the local highway and failed tourist traps.
The Channel, 2017
oil on canvas | 32" x 32"
She was back on the waters where she was needed but too many years of neglect and eventual disregard left her in a state of disrepair. What if she could be saved?
The Little Boat, 2017
oil on canvas | 60" x 30"
They had been going to the same weed bed since they first met. Sun up Saturday mornings till the stringer was full. Steak tonight if they weren’t biting.
The Bumpa, 2017
oil on canvas | 54" x 36"
It wasn't supposed to storm so they left her like that overnight. They also didn’t want to rig her again tomorrow. The Fourth would be busy enough.
The Hobie, 2017
oil on canvas | 30" x 30"
It was finally race day, perfect for everything, except a sail boat race.
Race day, 2017
oil | 24" x 24"
She came in slow and hard. Most headed to shore soon after the first rumble but a few stayed till the last second and raced her home.
The Storm, 2017
oil on canvas | 72" x 36"